Get Involved!

There's a lot going on at LAVA but there's room for more! Do you have any skills to share with other members of the community? Are you involved with a community-based organization that needs meeting space? Do you have ideas for inspiring events? Do you have any ideas whatsoever for how LAVA could do better?


Emails lists are where alot of the discussion happens that pertains to lava happenings as well as our internal discussions.

  • LAVA announce Sign up here to get news and info on what's going on at LAVA!
  • LAVA discussion This is where we talk about organizing and co-ordinating amongst ourselves.
  • LAVA library  Super low traffic internal list of the most luddite working group of them all!


Our general meetings are every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm.


Click here to read our structure document. It's how we decided to run the building. using LAVA If you want to do an event here or use the building for some reason, this is where you need to look!